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Our Theatres



Eastern Heart Clinic is well known for its work on minimising radiation dose to our patients, working with companies such as GE, Siemens and Philips to optimise machine settings. At both Sutherland and Eastern Heart Clinics patients receive a much lower dose of radiation than the average machine world wide, an achievement we are proud of.








The Clinic has four operating theatres equipped with the latest technology. There is a spacious 19 bed recovery ward along with a reception lounge set aside for the comfort of your family and friends.


Unique Centre of Excellence

You will have access to a team of cardiologists, a specialised nursing team and support staff who are committed to you achieving the best possible outcome. We work hard to attract and retain the best staff for your care.


No Patient Gaps


The Clinic provides a diagnostic and interventional service to public and private patients. We hold contracts with the local Area Health Service for public patients.


For private patients, we are a 'no gap' facility with all the major health funds, however you may have a small excess to pay to your fund depending on your cover.