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What our patients say they liked about us ...
  • A very positive experience
  • I have always experienced the most wonderful care, consideration & medical treatment of the highest standards.
  • I cannot speak highly enough of my treatment at EHC
  • I found the staff very helpful and have only good to say about the EHC
  • Every aspect of my stay was excellent .Thank you all
  • The support and reassurance was good and the staff treating you were friendly & competent, making your stay as pleasant as possible
  • I found the service was excellent , keep up the good work
  • PERFECT, The Drs, Nurses, Wardsmen & Staff, keep up the good work, God bless you all , Thankyou
  • I found every member of staff to be very polite and caring; the nursing staff are excellent, really professional and caring
  • Excellent attention, lovely staff
  • Staff excellent, hospital very clean, thank you


Staff comments
  • Friendly work colleagues
  • Excellent equipment
  • Knowledge & learning
  • Good Staff morale
  • Management/staff relationships are strong
  • Any problems I encounter I can easily discuss, very understanding people really appreciated
  • Variety of never ending work
  • Management appreciation of workers
  • Supportive manager
  • Best practice
  • Staff spirit
  • The management has the staffs’ interests in mind and make attempts to make the work environment better